Jonah is spectacular


Dee and I had the wonderful opportunity last night to attend the Branson premier of Sight and Sound theater’s “Jonah.”  To use an overworked expression, “It was awesome” in every way from visual, music, message, humor, and fun.  In our humble opinions Jonah is the best yet of the shows at Sight and Sound, and that’s a very very high bar.  Our audience gave the show a sustained and rousing standing ovation at the end and even some of the visual effects brought loud and enthusiastic applause.  As we walked out of the theater we could overhear conversation after conversation about how wonderful the show was.

Everyone just has to put this show on their Branson bucket list.  You will come out amazed at the grandness of more than the production but of our God.  The show is a portrayal of one of the most interesting but least understood books and characters in the Bible.  Please don’t miss this show as you’ll be challenged as well as entertained.  Here’s a link to the show’s trailer.

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